One the very first day, I was interviewed about why I chose to go to UADY. I was really nervous lol Anyways, enjoy :D

Home sweet home/ Hasta Luego

Well, I have been home from Merida for a few days now. My family has been really excited to see me and hear about all of my wild adventures in Mexico. Although it has been very nice to spend time with my loved ones back home. I miss my friends very much. With that being said;

Gracias a todo de mis amigos. Ustedes hicieron mi experiencia en México inolvidable. Los meses pasé con ustedes fueron los mejores de mi vida (todavía).  No habría sido el mismo sin ustedes. A Dios, le doy gracias por cada memoria que hice con mis amigos, en Mérida. Nos Vemos. 

De Wisconsin con amor, Danni.

7 de Diciembre a 12 de diciembre

Well, this is my last few days (with that being said, my last recap of the week)

I have done so much with my friends that it is hard to remember what wild shenanigans that we’ve gotten into. 

On Saturday, there was a reunion for all the Estudiantes de Movilidad. It was so nice to hang out with my friends and enjoy each other’s company. At the end, we looked at videos and pictures from this past semester.We all got the chance to make our final remarks. It wasn’t long before we all started crying. Everyone was really emotional because we have all become so close. Afterwards, Adri, Mayara, Jesus, Melissa, Miguel, Eduardo, Teresytha and I went to a Sushi restaurant for Dinner.

Sunday, I spent the day with Miguel, Erik, Melissa, Mayara, Evita, Javier, Adri and Jesus en Progresso at the Beach. I have been wanted to go to Progresso but I never had the chance to. It is only a 30 minute bus ride away from Merida. It could not have been any better. 

Today (monday), I went shopping with Melissa and Mayara and then we went to El Colon for or final Sorbet. 

Tomorrow will be spent saying my final goodbyes and packing my Suit case. I am not looking forward to it :/

Dinner with my spanish teacher!

Since it’s Christmas time, little children go Caroling for money with their Parents. We were lucky enough to get a visit from 3 kids that sang about the nativity scene